John Przybyla

John Przybyla

Meet John Przybyla— Java Master’s VP of Relationship Management, Training and Technical Services. Before becoming one of Java Master's coffee bean ninjas, John was an aerospace engineer working at General Electric. He graduated with a BSME from Northeastern University and later received his MBA from Bentley College. Realizing he wanted a career with more interpersonal engagement, John began doing manufacturing and process controls consulting. It was while doing consulting work that John first encountered the Java Master Air Roaster. After seeing the roaster in action, John needed to know more about this funky Willy Wonka-esque machine, so he sought out Java Master directly. John ended up coming to Java Master for a consulting project, and then he decided to stay for the fascinating coffee roaster and excellent coffee. That was back in 1995, which means John has been at Java Master for over a quarter of a century! John’s current role has additional responsibilities outside of relationship management, training, and technical services, such as dealing with operations, procurement, sales, and customer care.

Q&A with Our Bean Ninja John

What are your favorite coffee beans?
Costa Rican beans. Their coffees are smooth, flavorful, bright, clean, and brisk. Costa Rica is a fascinating, lush, and beautiful country. The best part is that their government highly supports the growers and offers economic, educational, and training programs. The country is truly amazing.

How do you like to drink your coffee? 
That all depends on the time of day and the offerings. I mostly drink black coffee in the morning. In the winter months, I like to add a dash of vanilla Monin syrup and steamed milk to my afternoon cup of coffee. Then in the summer, coffee over ice with cream. 

What is a fun fact about coffee? 
My papa lives in Italy and taught me how to properly consume a shot of espresso in the morning—with a side chaser shot of Sambucca!

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