Selecting The Perfect Beans For Your Roasts Isn’t Easy

There are lots of choices. Lots of things that will go into building your brand – a lot of things that need to go right. Of course, it starts with fair trade and sustainable, clean farming. We all need to take care of the earth and the farmers who rely on her for a living. That’s a given but it goes beyond this. To get the best beans at the best price, grown the right way, you need a trusted partnership.

When you choose Java Master’s Green Bean Team, our team becomes part of yours.

Green Beans, Green Planet

At Java Master, we build relationships with growers and brokers who are serious and proven about sustainable methods. We look for farms that do it the right way and are willing to pay a little more for their beans.

We strive to value our farmers as partners. They know it and that’s why they call us first. We’ve known them for a long time...

Right Beans, Right Farms, Right Farmers

When the coffee farming industry was deregulated in 1990, it became a ‘buyer-beware’ market. To thrive in it, like any free market, takes trusted relationships across the coffee supply chain, relationships that take time to build. Know the farmers, know the exporters, know the challenges and with it, grow trust that leads to access to the highest quality, most unique farms and beans available, every growth season. Don’t be fooled into believing that team photos from a visit to a farm in Columbia is evidence of a partnership. It’s not that easy. To have access to the best beans, you must understand coffee farming, or ideally, be a part of that history. Our team works with the all elements of the bean supply chain to assure repeatable and profitable, earth-friendly, coffee crops for generations to come.

Beans Make The Brew

Differentiation in today’s coffee market is key. Your brand needs that differentiation. There is much to consider in selecting the beans that best service your brand – where they are grown, how they are grown, who grew them, how they are harvested and dried, what flavors to expect, how rare they are and, of course, how expensive they are!

Each bean selection will be a part of building the brand that you want. Do you provide the best value, superior tasting brews? Do you bring limited, ‘gourmet’ offerings from all over the world? Are you the mad-roast-master mixing interesting and uncopiable flavor blends that people love?

Whatever you envision, share your thinking with the Java Master Green Bean Team and let us help you craft a menu and roast profiles that allow you to tell your unique story in your Roast Theater. Customers will be standing in line for a ticket.

Ready to Roast

Over time you learn the power of personalization that your roaster brings and how to choose from the vast offerings of the green bean market. As you learn the choices, you will master the art of bringing superior offerings to your customers. On the way to becoming a Java Master, you still need to make profits and immediately is better than waiting so we provide some help.

With the Java Master 1500 roaster and a partnership with the Java Master team, we invest in your success. To start, the 1500 has tried and true roast profiles. Our team will provide you with recommended bean offerings that match your brand. Our roasters have the profiles, and our team has the know how to make sure that you are up and roasting successfully on Day 1 of operations.

Get the right beans from our team, plug in your Java Master, and immediately start producing incredible tasting coffee. No experimentation, no waste.

One Of Our Exclusive Bean Offerings

Rwanda Misozi Kopkaki


Rwanda/single origin


Raspberry, peach, lime


Misozi Kopkaki coffee beans are grown in the Karongi District of Western Rwanda by a cooperative of over 800 small farmers in the area. This single-origin Rwanda bean is of the Bourbon varietal. It is fruit-forward with tasting notes of raspberries, peach, and lime. This coffee creates a lovely cup with sparkling acidity and a smooth finish.


All the farmers in the Karongi District pooled their coffee, resources, and knowledge together to produce the best coffee possible. They formed a cooperative called Kopaki and joined a group of co-ops called Misozi to help market and export their coffee. The Misozi and Kopaki co-ops are certified in Fair Trade to guarantee transparency in their coffee and promote fairness throughout their growing community.

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