Our Fluid Bed Air Roaster Models

Air roasting coffee for your establishment offers a smart way to differentiate your business and increase sales revenues and margins. People love great tasting coffee especially when it comes from the cleanest, most earth-friendly method available.

Coffee’s many flavors, beans and roast options allow it to be personalized to the demanding tastes of any consumer, provided that you have the roaster that can adjust to those tastes. JavaMaster’s fluid bed air roasting models bring you the perfect solution.

The JM 1500 – Nothing ‘Basic’ About It!

Our base 1500 model has been the trendsetter in air roasting for years. Like all JavaMaster roasters, it was engineered for performance and durability and is proudly assembled in Michigan, USA.

1500 Specifications

✓ One year full parts and labor warranty

✓ 1-5 lb roast capacity

✓ 99.9% VOC free

✓ Heavy duty steel powder coated for anti-corrosion

✓ Easy-to-clean tempered glass roasting chamber

✓ Solid state keypad for selecting or programming roasts

✓ Commercial Grade Blower

✓ $26,995 (with convenient leasing programs available)


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