The Competitive World of Coffee

Some businesses want to roast, others simply need access to the best roasted products. Whether your model is to buy beans and roast or purchase fresh roasts and grinds on-demand, Java Master has you covered. Our Roasting Service fulfills your roasted product order as you need it, the way you want it. Anyone looking to serve smoother, better tasting coffee should take advantage of our Roasting Service.

Which one are you?

We Roast, You Succeed

We realize that the competitive world of coffee creates multiple business models. The thing that’s true in all of them is that they demand great tasting coffee at a good value. Some places want to roast. Some places want to sell grinds. Some places want to ‘cup and serve’.

When you are the world’s best roaster and have an amazing team that sources the best green beans from the finest, most responsible farms in the world, why not put those together and bring superior roasted coffee products to everyone? That’s exactly what we do. We start up our Java Master roasters every morning in Wixom, Michigan to roast, package, and deliver to you the freshest roasted products for your stores and customers. No matter what the volume, no matter what the roast, no matter what the frequency, we can deliver roasted products to you the way you want them.

If you own a Java Master roaster and occasionally need more capacity or you are experiencing very rare, almost non-existent downtime, let us bridge the supply gap so you don’t miss a beat.

Remember, we source the beans, we build the roasters, we package the products. We engage in managing all elements of the supply chain and because we do, we can offer incredible pricing to you! If you don’t want to roast but you want to serve the finest, smoothest, freshest coffee in the world to your customers, clients, employees, friends or for a fundraiser or gathering, let’s partner.

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