Air Roasting With Java Master Is Just Plain Smart.

Green beans are 1/3 the cost of buying your beans already roasted. Why not pocket that margin yourself? And, because you roast when you need to, you eliminate obsolete and stale coffee from sitting around on your mark-down shelf.

With only 4 roasts a day, you pay for your Java Master roaster in less than 1 year.

Flames of Inequity

Coffee was first brewed in Yemen in the 15th century where local mystics roasted beans over open fires. Seven hundred years later modern drum roasters still use fire to roast beans.

Drum roasting is affected by many environmental and procedural variables. Air is drawn into the drum from the outside, the beans are flash-heated, and the exhaust gases are vented out. The consistency of the roast is impacted by the air's humidity, temperature, and local pollutants. To compound the issue, drum roasting inherently results in burnt bits of the bean's chaff falling into the beans as they roast. It is the chaff biproduct that adds much of the bitterness to drum roasted coffee. To get better tasting coffee the chaff must be adequately vented.

Java Master Air Roasters neutralize these variables by design, resulting in a more consistent, less bitter, and better tasting coffee.

Balanced, Not Burnt

Air roasting means cleaner, repeatable outcomes when you roast. We make those delicate beans happy by replacing the smoldering, roaring fires of a drum roaster with a slipstream of hot air. The Java Master roaster teases the flavors from the beans without damaging them. We gently warm them to the optimum temperature using only electricity. Air roasting leaves nothing to chance. The beans tango about on top of warm air to achieve a uniform and complete roast. You get the same great tasting, smooth, less bitter coffee every time.

The roaster is fed air from a climate-controlled internal environment. When the air conditions are stable, it is stable and thus so are the roast results. We insulate the machine and measure and control all of the important elements needed to remove variation and deliver consistently great tasting roasts.

The Java Master Difference

Over 20 years ago, Java Master refined Michael Sivet's fluid-bed roasting theories to build a better roaster that produces better tasting coffee. With our patented innovations, we brought air roasting and better tasting coffee to the world, and they are still enjoying it today. Java Master has the largest installation base of air roasters in the world and for good reasons!


The difference between good coffee and amazing coffee comes from the slightest adjustment to one of the many variables of roast. Temperature, roast duration, and timing all greatly affect the end result. Add to that, every bean and mix warrants its own recipe for perfection. With most roasters, roast adjustments require constant monitoring and are made manually based on the memory of the person roasting. At Java Master, we build smart air roasters that fully automate the roast process according to the beans selected, to assure exactly the results that you and your customers want, "this time" and every time.


In the competitive coffee world, customers have choices of where to go for great coffee. They will certainly favor the place that can offer them the freshest, smoothest coffee, roasted their way. You can offer even more than great taste! With a Java Master air roaster, we help you build your coffee café into a memorable experience that becomes the 'go to' place in the neighborhood. We bring you the 'Theater of the Roast.'


Electric air roasting is a cleaner, more efficient way to roast beans for a superior tasting coffee. That's a fact. As the advantages of air roasting become acknowledged, roaster manufacturing companies are popping up all over the world. Beware the companies located in the USA but only importing and 'store-fronting' low quality roasters at bargain basement pricing. You can't afford costly repairs and even more costly downtime. Java Master is quality.


As you probably know, there is more to roasting than picking the right roaster. Site selection, installation, bean selection, roast profiling, blend development, inventory management, menu content, maintenance and service are all a part of roasting. Don't rely on user manuals and 'on-line everything' to give you the service that you deserve and require when your roast. Rely on your Java Master partnership.

Clean Roast, Happy Planet

Drum roasters are powered by natural gas. They blast the coffee beans with heat as they turn in the drum. As the beans cook, smokey air is produced that must be exhausted as fast as possible. As you might imagine, the use of natural gas and the resulting emissions creates a CO2 footprint that has been shown to be substantially higher than those produced via air roasting. CO2 is the second leading gas contributing to the greenhouse effect.

The exhaust from our process is clean because we don't burn beans or chaff. In fact, we capture the chaff for easy disposal. Our studies have shown that it can be returned to the soil as a rich, organic fertilizer.

The Java Master 1500 Air Roaster

Lighted roaster chamber made of thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. Removable for easy cleaning.

Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosive Materials

Touchpad enabled

Electric Heat


Lighted roaster chamber made of thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass. Removable for easy cleaning.

Heavy Duty Anti-Corrosive Materials

Touchpad enabled

Electric Heat

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