Our Five Part Program

Our Five Part Program

Our Five Part Program Sets You Up As a Coffee Destination


When you choose to purchase a JavaMaster roaster, you will adopt an all new, more profitable business model. Our commitment starts with providing you the roaster but extends far beyond that. We see it as a 5-step journey:

  1. INSTALL: It starts with selecting the right location in your store or café. We can give you ideas. Then we spec out requirements for you – air ventilation and power. You can hand the spec to any good HVAC/electrical trade person, and they will have power and ventilation for you in no time. We can work directly with your tradespeople to answer any questions.
  2. TRAIN: Next, we help you understand the operation of your roaster safely and efficiently. Load the beans, set the profile, roast, cool, and serve! We show your staff how simple day to day operations are.
  3. MENU: Once your team has the basics, if you are interested, we teach your ‘roast alchemist’ how to develop special blends or adjust and customize the profiles to taste. Customization is easy and once the formula is laid into the roaster, your staff can easily deliver repeat perfection every time.
  4. BEANS: An important part of your roasting experience is green bean selection. Our sourcing experts will teach you about our offerings, how best to roast them, and what to expect in flavors and nuances. We can set you up with samples and work with you to get the exact result that will thrill your customers.
  5. ENJOY: Then the easy part - sit back and enjoy great coffee, happy customers and higher profits.

Whether you dream of opening a coffee shop or need help increasing your coffee shop’s profits, JavaMaster has your back! We help you succeed in every step of your coffee shop journey. Ready to ‘Roast or Go Home?’ Contact us today!

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