The Top Three Ways Our Roaster is Like a Superhero

The Top Three Ways Our Roaster is Like a Superhero

1. Exceptional Ability or Power
What makes a superhero a superhero is their superpower. Some superheroes have superhuman abilities, such as super strength or enhanced vision. Others have mastered a skill, like fighting, to an incredible degree. Often superheroes use particular tools or technology to harness their mental powers. Regardless of which type of ability or power a superhero has, each superhero’s talents are exceptional and unique.

The Java Master air roaster has the extraordinary ability to perfectly roast coffee beans through the power of warm air. Our roaster draws out the natural flavors in the beans while also nullifying the bitterness and burnt taste produced by other coffee roasting methods. Our roaster has mastered the skill of creating a perfect cup of coffee, and traditional drum roasters just can’t compete. 

2. Superheroes Have a Strong Moral Code 
Superheroes have a set of rules that prescribes righteous behavior, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to uphold these standards.

The Java Master air roaster is no different. Our roaster knows that while the end goal is to provide the world with better cups of coffee, that does not mean taking any shortcuts to get there. That is why our roaster uses the cleanest roasting process because it makes the planet happy and provides many health benefits to coffee drinkers. Air roasted coffee is less acidic and bitter, so it's gentler on the stomach and contains fewer carcinogens than traditional coffee.

3. Superheroes Have Distinctive Costumes 
Superheroes wear distinctive costumes for a couple of reasons. Unique costumes help a superhero be recognizable to the public, and sometimes they even enhance or harness a superhero's power.

Our roaster's costume, aka its design, helps enhance its air roasting ability. The use of Java Master's patented convection technology enables a remarkably uniform roast. Its design allows for automatic and immediate removal of chaff from the beans to deliver excellent, fresh tasting coffee every single time. Our roaster's design is not only meant to be recognizable to the public, but it serves as a guarantee, much like when people spot a superhero at a time of trouble. At that moment, they know that the city will be saved, and order will be restored. So when you spot our roaster, rest assure better cups of coffee are ahead.

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