What Are Peaberry Coffee Beans?

What Are Peaberry Coffee Beans?

Coffee is a fruit, and just like any other fruit it has seeds. These seeds are processed and roasted to become the coffee beans we know and love. Typically, you would expect to find two coffee seeds inside a coffee cherry. However, in rare cases, some cherries will only develop one seed, called a peaberry. Let's explore peaberry coffee and what makes it different from regular coffee.


Peaberry coffee beans result from a naturally occurring mutation in a coffee plant where a coffee cherry develops one seed instead of two. Usually, two flat-sided beans form inside a regular coffee cherry, flat against each other much like the two halves of a peanut. However, in a peaberry coffee cherry, one of the seeds fails to grow, resulting in a singular round bean. It's unknown why this mutation occurs, but it is extremely rare and only occurs in about 5-10% of coffee cherries. Peaberry beans, named for their round shape pea-like shape, are smaller and denser than regular beans.


Peaberry Coffee Cherry VS Normal Coffee Cherry

Peaberry coffee has a similar taste profile to the regular beans of the same tree, but it's notably different. It's thought that these distinct flavor qualities come from the fact that the singular bean gets more nutrients from the coffee cherry instead of sharing with another bean. As a result, peaberry beans offer coffee with brighter acidity, sweetness, and concentration of complex flavors. Many coffee connoisseurs refer to peaberries as the "champagne of coffee," and for good reason.


Peaberries require a slightly different roasting approach compared to regular coffee beans. Roasting should be done with great care, as the shape and density of a peaberry may need a longer roast time and different temperatures to develop the bean's fullest flavor. Yet the peaberry's uniformness, consistency, and roundness can lend to more even, thorough, and consistent roasting development.


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