Beat The Drum

Java Master’s fluid bed air roaster uses clean electricity. That makes for a cleaner world.

Our roasts are based on algorithms which means they are repeatable and adjustable. Putting the roast curve in your hands.

Our patented convection heating system naturally separates and exhausts dust and chaff and then captures it for organic recycling while preserving the smooth taste that coffee was meant to have.

Java & The Beanstalk

Java Master sources the top 2% quality beans from all over the world. This means your customers are just 1% away from the one percenters.

You will have access to over 30 worldwide varieties. Differentiate yourself through our exclusive single origins or create your own signature blend.

You save tons of money because green beans on average cost 1/3 the price of roasted beans and can store for up to a year on the shelf.

Roast as you go, eliminate waste, promote freshness and delight customers!

Java master The Original Air Roasters

Java Master commercialized the first Fluid Bed Air Roaster over 30 years ago. We sold our first unit in 1987, and it is still roasting today and everyday.

We design our roasters. We engineer our roasters. We manufacture our roasters. All here in Michigan, U.S.A.

Because something is durable, doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty. We strive to make the Java Master roaster designs compelling and believe that the roaster should ‘put on a show’. We call it the ‘Theater of the Roast.’

We service our roasters, although rarely, and backstop your purchase with a great 2-year warranty. Your investment is our investment. We provide emergency roasting services should you ever need it, but you won’t!

Our roaster components live up to our strict durability requirements. We build our roasters to last. Your business relies on reliable roasting. Ours does too.

Join The Java Master Air Roaster Family

We sell our air roasters to bring exceptional coffee to the world.

Coffee starts so many mornings. Coffee is comfort. Coffee is community.

Let us help you build community within your store and in your business. Your customers will thank you.