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A Lifetime of Learning, and Still Learning

Through the years, we have picked up a thing or two about roasting beans. The thing is, we always seem to keep learning cool and interesting tidbits about the coffee world. Feel free to peruse the section below…who knows maybe you will come across something new to you also.

Theater of the Roast

Theater of the Roast

A great experience envelops the senses. Imagine a customer walking into your establishment and ‘feeling’ the coffee before it’s even tasted. Our roasters swirl coffee beans like currents in an eddy. This visual meditation is followed by a rich coffee smell as the beans begin to roast.

Roast or Go Home

Roast or Go Home lists 13 ways for today’s coffee shop to beat the big coffee franchise stores. High on their list are Consistency, Freshness, and Uniqueness. We couldn’t agree more!